Monday, March 19, 2012

What to bring to a crop

Last week I went to a crop night at a local craft store and had so much fun.  Before I went there, I was worried because I did not know what to bring with me.  As we all understand that we really want to bring all the materials with us but the reality does not allow us to do that.  I always thought that the more I bring, the more ideas I will have and more possibilities I can explore.

What I believed could be true.  However, I only had limited time to pack and I didn't have any project idea in my head before I went.  So what should go to my crop bag?

The clock is ticking.  Eventually I decided to bring two Workshops on the Go with me, stamp pads of coordinating colors of the Workshops, two spools of used ribbon from my stash.  Let's embark on the journey.

At the crop we basically worked on our own projects.  At about 9:30 pm our energy level dropped.  I heard someone say she had been ruining everything she was working on that night, and another person say her progress was incredibly slow.  For me, not too bad.  I got a couple of cards done:

Basically I looked at the Instruction Guides when I was designing my cards because I needed inspirations.  I wanted to make 5" x 7" cards rather than 4.25" x 5.5", then I checked how much leftover I had in my bag and modified the designs from the Instruction Guides a little bit.  If I figured that there was enough to make two, I would cut the paper to prepare for two cards without hesitation, then I could still keep one for myself after giving the other one away (I am sure this idea will change one day, we will see how many more my box can hold).

If you plan on going to a crop, don't be intimiated by the packing process.  A workshop on the go and a few stamp pads are all you need.  The workshop comes with coordinating paper, stamp set and embellishments.  If you put it in your bag, you are ready to go!

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