Saturday, January 12, 2013


I've got Susan's permission to put a link of her post on my blog.  Please check it out here!

I found Susan's blog accidentally and started to play the One Layer Wednesday's challenges last year. Susan's cards are stunning.  We do not see a lot of layers, embellishments or patterned papers, but you will be amazed by her talent and creativity and power.  Yes, power.  The seemingly simple card draws your attention, so strongly that you keep looking at it with awe.

Her post today is titled "Whats Makes You Unhappy? Part I".  Don't be discouraged to check out her blog because of the word "unhappy".  Her post focuses on certain things that make us crafters feel overwhelmed.  As I am searching for a more concrete crafting goal this year, her post is enlightening.  Her post reminds me that crafting is a fun hobby and I should seek joy, but not pressure in it.  

I think you'll find it inspiring and perhaps therapeutic.  Hope you enjoy reading her post

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