Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Another CAS Thank You card

OLW challenges us to use a geometic shape repeatedly on a card. It does not sound like the most challenging rule but, try it out and you may change your mind!

I first started thinking about what a geometic shape is.  I would really love to use hexagons but my stamp set has not arrived, so I've settled on circles.  I wasn't really sure whether a circle is a geometic shape as I think I took another class that focused on circles, eclipse and parabolas...........  Alright.  Let's forget about classes and focus on the fun!

So the result of the fun looks like this:

I've only used two stamps for this card - the circle and the sentiment.  I have used 6 colors for the circles and black for the sentiment.  The sentiment in black stands out quite nicely in the colorful circles.   

Yup.  This card will go to my other co-worker who works in a different office.  I've never met them and I doubt that I will.  Every time when there is someone who travels between the offices we will exchange a card and a small gift.  It means a lot to me and I must show them how I appreciate that. 

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love this. I have a similar dotted circle stamp - you've inspired me to use it!

  2. What a fun circle stamp! Like Marianne, I feel inspired to bring it out my version of this stamp and use it! I love the fresh, happy colors and know just how hard it was to get them all placed "randomly" and yet keep it so nicely balanced. Great card!

  3. LOVE this! I feel a case coming on!

  4. this one should be entered into a Simplicity blog contest... love this card that you created with only 1 pat :)tern stamp and 1 sentiment stamp!! so clever!!!