Friday, December 18, 2015

Planners Gonna Plan!

Planners are raging in the craft industry right now.  If you are like me who relies on your phone calendar for appointments and planning, you may be a bit disappointed by this trend and even think, "Why do I want an extra book in my purse?"  You may even be puzzled by those planner addicts who have more than one planner - one for work, one for social life, one for each child, etc.

I was not extremely excited to learn that Close to My Heart has a new product called Everday Life album, with accompanying planner pages and roller stamp because, like I've mentioned, I am not a planner addict.  But then I thought, I'll just grab the album to see what I could do.

My album has arrived and I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!  I like the de-bossed gold foil flowers on pitch black cover.  It is so elegant.  The album is very sturdy.  And guess what?  This album works with the My Crush Everyday Life pages and we are having new memory protectors that fit in to this album perfectly.  You can mix these products to create your very own personalized planner, album, memory book!

The good deal is that you could buy this gorgeous album, the accompanying planner pages and roller stamp as a bundle for only $29.95, which is 15% off the retail price!

Watch the video to learn more about this new product!

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