Monday, October 24, 2016

Christmas cards

This past weekend, I took a class with Kelly Marie Alvarez, one of the owners of Lawn Fawn.  We made four Christmas cards.  It was so much fun!

Kelly Marie was one of the nicest and sweetest teachers I have had.  She had everything organized. including time!  We had enough time to work on each of our cards at our own pace but at the end of the class we could finish them all without any rush.

The cards are all interactive.  Oh so cute!

This was the first card we made and it is the inside of the card, where the star of the show is at.  The snowy hills form a three dimensional platform for the fairies, the branches and the house.  Imagine you see these elements when you open a card.  It's going to bring everyone a smile!

Kelly Marie shared a trick with us while using this die - down and in.  After adding the bottom of the mechanism to the card, push everything down, then in, fold up the card to let the glue stick, then when you open it, magic happens because the interactive portion is stuck on the card! :)

I've got this die and now that I've learned this trick, I'll make cards using it with confidence!

We made this slider card using Jump for Joy.  The hedgehog jumps onto the pile of leaves which scattered around.  I learned that if you use a circular foam dot, the hedgehog will spin.  And if you use a square one it will go straight along the track.  :)

This is a very cute card!  Love the mermaid color!  If you open the oven, you'll see the message that is currently covered by the oven handle.  Isn't that fun?  I love the cross stitched border dies.  Time to check my budget......

This last one is rather small and simple but still cute and fun!  It is also a pop up card where the reindeer is sitting on a pop-up element.  It is a great idea for mass production.

So happy to have taken this class and I truly enjoyed it.

Now I'm off to making more interactive Christmas cards!

Thanks for stopping by!

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