Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Convention Recap Part II

I'm still downloading the pictures I took on my phone and camera to my computer.  Even though I insisted that I should "see it with my own eyes" and resist the temptation of "taking a picture and admire it later" I have still taken far more pictures than I can handle within a short time.

My theory is that my eyes and brain work better than any camera out there.  What I see with my own eyes leaves a better impression than taking a picture, forgetting about it, then trying to remember what it is later.  That 0.1 second of seeing it with my own eyes does make a difference. 

I don't think anyone can take too many pictures, but I do want to start curating early on in the process.  It's not about quantity, but quality.  It's hard to resist the temptation in this digital age.

Let's dive into Day 1 of Convention.  Here we go:

We started with a general session:
It is the time where there are lots of skids and info about new products and trend and direction that Close to My Heart is undertaking.  It was my first time and I honestly didn't know what to expect.  It started at 9am and I arrived just a bit earlier than that.  The ballroom was already packed with excited consultants:
I really like the set up of the ballroom, and this is my favorite part:
The projection of the heart that says "Make it from your Heart" has captured my attention.  I loved it immediately when I first saw it.  Of course, it has attracted many other consultants so I couldn't get a better position to take a better picture of it.  But that's ok.  I've looked at it for a long time and it has become an imprint in my head.
Right after the first session we were given the new Annual Inspirations and a tote to carry our goodies.  It was then lunch time, but I seriously believe that we were fed by the eye candy in the new idea book rather than the food that was served.  :)
After lunch we had our first creative session:

Yay!  We got to play with some of the new goodies!  We played with some new paper (hint:  new TYPE of paper), and water and color (obvious enough?) ...........and of course our exclusive Convention stamp set.  Woohoo~

I was only able to finish one layout while the other project, which is a mini album, came home in its original package with me.  I'm still thinking whether I want to make an album as suggested or modified it.  Better yet, I'll make two (if not more!).

The creative session was absolutely fun but what followed, the business session, was just as engaging.  Two successful consultant shared the new business tools.  I really like that Corporate has provided handouts for us to follow and take notes on.  Many inspiring ideas are spinning in my head now.

Because it was my first Convention and I wanted to participate to the fullest extent, I had signed up to participate in the Creativity Showcase:

It is a session where all consultants are invited to bring their artwork to showcase during this two-hour period.  I brought with me 12 cards and a mini-album:

And another picture that includes yours truly:

All my cards were made with my beloved Blossom paper (which will be retiring soon.  Grab yours quickly!).  I followed the cutting guide from various cardmaking workshop on the go and made 12 clean and simple cards using the same paper.  I love the versatility of the Blossom paper!

As for my album, let me save it for another post because it will be photo-heavy.  For now I'll say that I made use of the sheet protectors and there are some interactive elements.

My neighbor at the Creativity Showcase, the very talented Joanne Coleman (you can find her here and here) made some awesome "one page wonder" and I'm going to look up how I can create those.  She mentioned that it is a confidence boost when people stop by your booth and give you the oohs and aahs.  She is so right about that.  I wasn't too confident about my work but let's think of it this way:  there's something I do that others didn't think of, and something that others do and I didn't think of.  It's this kind of activity that lets us share with others and help each other grow!  Thanks CTMH!

Even though there was a break before the Creativity Showcase for dinner but the night owl in me just couldn't do dinner that early.  After I've packed up from the Showcase, I met up with my friend and had some Japanese sushi.  Yum!  I like that my first day of Convention ended with some delicious Japanese sushi. :)

The Corporate has sent out guidelines as to what we can share about the info we learned at Convention.  I can't tell quite yet what new products are but I could share that the following colors in the Enchantment Collection are retiring:  Smokey Plum, Outdoor Denim, Indian Corn Blue, Ponderosa Pine, Olive, Autumn Terracotta and Barn Red.  You can see all the colors here.  If you see one of your favorite colors in the above list, stock up now!  The cardstock, ink pads and re-inkers will be gone soon.  Among these colors I love Outdoor Denim and Olive and yes I'm going to stock up on those.

It's a long post but I didn't feel that I've captured enough fun in here.  I'm going to download more pictures and enjoy my new idea book.  Happy Crafting!

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