Saturday, July 25, 2015

Convention Recap Part III

The second day of the CTMH Convention was just as fun. 

During free time, I went to visit the Art Gallery:

It was literally an eye candy!  Corporate displayed a lot of artwork that is going to be part of the new Annual Inspirations!  Like I've said before, seeing the item in person is different from seeing them in pictures.  We had already immersed ourselves in the Annual Inspiration the first day but seeing those pages, home décor items, cards themselves is an absolute treat to our eyes.  I heard a lot of oohs and aahs while visiting there.

One of my main goals of going to the Convention is to enjoy it to the fullest extent.  I wanted to participate in everything if possible so even though the internet at home was down the weekend before Convention, I was determined to complete the layout for the layout contest.  This is the layout I completed for the contest:

I used the Jackson paper and its picture my life kit for this layout.  Too bad I forgot to take a picture of it before inserting the interactive elements now it has a lot of glare over it.  Sorry about that.

This layout is truly a piece that is close to my heart.  Late last year me and my family went on a trip to northern Arizona.  We have been living in Arizona for a long time but have never visited those two places - Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend.  We had a great time and told all our friends and relatives to go to these places afterwards. 

Horseshoe Bend is a scenic beauty.  The hike up to the "peak" was easy, even my two-year-old niece didn't have any problem with that.  But the height was quite daunting, considering that there was absolutely no railing.  Honestly I didn't dare to go too far out to the edge and seeing those photography fanatics setting up tripods at the cliff almost made me faint. 

Perhaps it's my love for my family, or the great memories we had at Horseshoe Bend, I knew I wanted to make my piece with the pictures taken at Horseshoe Bend.  (I'll also admit that the day we visited Antelope Canyon was extremely cold and most of the pictures I took were...........)  I gave almost the entire left side of the layout to a picture of Horseshoe Bend itself.  That picture was developed at 8" x 10".  To this date I am still amazed by how our mother nature has helped shape this wondrous beauty.  The right side of the layout has standard 4x6 pictures.  The top one is me and my parents while the bottom one is my brother and my sis-in-law.  Using the flip flaps I've added more pictures of us with Horseshoe Bend. 

I'll be honest I haven't never used Picture My Life cards prior to this one.  I used one of them as a journaling box and one as a "date, time, location" card.  I've used many other cards, believe it or not, but only parts of them.  I've fussy cut the motifs and used them as embellishments.  I love it!  They are coordinating with the paper and add so much more interest to the page.  I'm so going to be hooked up to these Picture My Life cards even though I'm not a pocket scrapbooker.

What I was very excited about the second day of Convention was the banquet.  We all got to dress up! 

The food was yum.  Disney did a great job! 

Brian and Monica were excellent:

There were a lot of awards presented and guess what?  My layout won the Layout Contest!  I was walking up the stage:

Together with other winning contestants:

When I got back to my seat I couldn't wait to open up my prize.  It's $100 worth of *new* products!
Like I've said, the banquet was beautiful.  The food was delish and the people I met were truly amazing.  We shared our common interest in paper crafting, we exchanged our experience in being part of Close to My Heart, and we learned from each other.  What more could I ask for a lovely evening?  Oh, to top it off I got to sit at the table where I could see the center of the stage without any blockage.  That was wonderful.
Thanks for reading along.  The last part of Convention Recap will be up soon!

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