Monday, January 18, 2016

Lucky Me

Anyone enjoying a long weekend because today is Martin Luther King's Day?

I have to go to work today and I envy those of you who have a 3-day weekend!

I mentioned before that the Regatta Collection from Close to My Heart has a nautical theme but the layouts I made didn't have anything to do with the sea, beach, or anything in that regard.

One of the layouts I made with Regatta Workshops Your Way captures the story that I was so lucky to have made it to my friend's place even though I wasn't aware of a flat tire!  I was even more lucky to have my friend R to put on the spare tire for me.  Oh yes, you can tell what kind of driver I was............

I really like the cut-apart sheets in the new Workshops Your Way.  This 4x6 card gives the perfect place for journaling.  Some people may think it's a bit weird to use a sheet with so many anchors and a journaling card with a boat on a layout about fixing a car.  I do not mind that at all.  I like that the Sapphire color matches well with the shirt my friend R was wearing.  He certainly floated my boat and the boat on the journaling card could be used to depict that as well.

I was once very rigid about the use of patterned paper on my layouts.  That became part of the reason I have accumulated a lot of patterned paper over the years, because I had been waiting for the perfect pictures to use the paper.  Last year when I returned to focusing more on scrapbooking and albums, I came to realize that it would only kill the joy of scrapbooking.  I do not follow those rigid rules (that were imposed by myself, anyway) anymore, and take the liberty to use patterned paper more loosely.  The result?  I'm enjoying it a lot more, capturing many more stories than before, and having a lot more fun documenting life.

If you are like my old self, take a deep breath and let go of those boundaries.  Matchy-matchy is good, but don't waste time on waiting for the perfect occasion while you could be having fun telling the stories now. :)

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!

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