Saturday, October 6, 2012

One Stamp Two Ways

OLW challenge asks that we use one stamp in two ways to give it two different looks.

Getting more bang for the buck?  I am in!

This is the card I've made:

and this is the stamp that I've given many looks:

What are the different ways I've used the stamp?
1.  Use it as is - see that in the middle flower?
2.  Use the back of the stamp - it sounds awkward but who says the back of the stamp can only be used to adhee to the block?  See, by using the back of it, the petals are colored!
3.  Stamp it twice in different orientation - the left and right flowers have a star-shaped center.
4.  Use only half of it as leaves - all the flowers have the green leaves which constitute half of the image.
5.  Stamp it continuously to make a border - see the bottom of the card?  I wish the card was longer so the border could be more conspicuous.

I was carried away!  One of the best things is, I have never used this stamp but I just found out 5 ways to use it!

This is certainly a challenge I will continue to use to challenge myself - it boosts my creativity!

Happy creating!


  1. So clever and so many great ideas you used for one stamp. love that you used the back of the stamp! I am going to try that. Your card is spectacular!~hugs Deanna

  2. Awesome card!! Absolutely going to have to follow your blog. Finally found someone else who likes to use the back of stamps!! *.*