Sunday, November 24, 2013

His Christmas card

I can't tell you how fast time is flying these days.  This year it seems that I have a lot more to do than last year.  Last year this time I had all my Christmas cards done but now, I'm still preparing them.  The fast-approaching Thanksgiving certainly gives me some pressure, then my yearly family trip gives me extra burden, let's not forget about buying gifts for everybody.......

With all these tasks on my list, I've decided to take it easy and slowly.  I am sure no one is going to kill me if I send a Thanksgiving email instead of a handmade Thanksgiving card.  If I really can't find the perfect gift, a gift card should do.  All I want is to enjoy the holiday season with family and friends.  I feel that my struggle for the perfect holiday season weakens the holiday spirits. 

Just want to remind myself and you the same - enjoy the holiday season, don't let the list of tasks kills you.

Onto His Christmas card, I never really thought that Christmas cards have a gender, until I learn those tricks from a workshop.  I decided to make a his version and a her version of a Christmas card.  This is the his version:

I have used the Tim Holtz Stripes stencil to create the background.  In order to make the stamping area more pop, I had sponged it harder before I peeled off the mask.  Then I realized that I did not have the green paper for stars, so I used distress stain to swipe across white cardstock to create my own colored cardstock.  After sticking the die cut stars and sponging the edges, the card is done.

See its sister twin by scrolling up!

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