Sunday, November 17, 2013

Experiment Part I

I did try a couple of new techniques this past weekend and will be posting them one by one.  Whew!  It was a bit overwhelming for me to try so many things in such a short time but it is well worth it!

On this post I'm sharing the most difficult thing on earth - Plaid stamping.  It is not the most difficult thing on earth but it is very difficult to master it.  I can't tell you how sad and frustrated I was whenever I went off the line and I had to chuck that piece of paper.  There were at least twice that everything went well but towards the end I messed up.  Literally, towards the end and I had to start all over again.  I felt so bad wasting the paper. 

It is not a new thing I learned but last time I did it here I only used two colors but here I've used four.  This time, because the colors do not belong to the same color family my mistake is extremely obvious even though the deviation is slight.  I am happy that I have at least this part that is presentable:

How can I not love the bright colors?  So vivid and vibrant that scream MERRY!  I am hesitant to give this card out because it represents my very first success of plaid stamping (Giggling!). 

Alright, I'm off to preparing another post on another difficult thing I tried.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. love the bright colors! glad you kept trying the plaid technique because your card turned out great.

  2. Success is right! You did an amazing plaid stamping job! I'm still practicing (and failing) at plaid. You've given me hope (especially since I'm not the only one with plaid stamping issues)!

  3. Success is right! You did a fabulous job with the plaid stamping! I'm still practicing (and failing) but you've given me hope!

  4. Beautiful plaid stamping! It looks perfect to me! Great job!

  5. I feel your pain and effort there, personally I won't even bother to attempt it. (I tried to paint a straight line with paint tape while remodeling my place, even that was hard but for a real cause.)..

    I think it's easier to buy a plaid printed color paper and use it as a background, or cut it out using the machines. I like the precision of the machines. =)