Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

I am back with another configurations box to share.  This time the theme is Christmas!

It is the cutest Christmas configurations box I could imagine!  This configurations box does not come with the frame.  The frame was actually made with grunge board strips on the side and a decorative edge cut for the top and bottom.  Because crackle paint is no longer available in colors, we used Clear Rock Candy crackle paint as the base then after the paint has dried, we painted distress paint to add color.  I further rubbed some walnut stain on top just to distress it.  It is so cool!  Thanks Richele for showing us all these cool tricks!

She had done a lot of prep work for the class.  For instance, she had dyed the trees in green.  We would have stayed in class forever otherwise.  We embellished the tree by adding snow, stars, ribbon, twines and baubles to the tree.  One of my favorite things in the big middle box is that there is faux snow.  The faux snow is rock candy distress glitter.  It looks like snow more than glitter to me!

To tell you the truth I have made a mistake.  See the word "Christmas" was abbreviated?  That's because I started the word "Merry" too low in the panel, and had I spelled Christmas in full, the two words would overlap and look awful.  This is not what I was hoping for but I guess I did fine when this "creative opportunity" happened.

I know we are months away from Christmas but I have already put this box in a rather discreet area of my home so I can secretly admire it every day. :)

Thanks for stopping by and happy crafting!

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