Saturday, August 10, 2013

Can it be simpler?

A simple card.
It's a one-layer card.
It has one image.
It has one sentiment.
That's it.

Simple, isn't it?

Unfortunately the picture is not doing justice here.  I've used a couple of distress inks on the leaf but the layering is not too obvious in the picture.  I hope you could at least see the bright middle part on the leaf - that's the area where the lightest yellow was used, then the closer it gets to the edge, the darker it becomes.  Use your imagination if the picture isn't clear!  In real person it is pretty cool.  I thought about hand-drawing some veins but I worry that it will ruin the contrast so I'm leaving it like this.

The sentiment was embossed in gold, accompanying the lonely leaf.

Simplicity is kicking off the 2013 Gratitude campaign and it reminds me that while I should catch up on Christmas cards, I should also carve out time for Thanksgiving cards.  After all, we cardmakers want to show how we care about others, right?

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. Joyce, no veins needed. Simple is GREAT! And I'm so glad you're participating in the newly named Thanksgiving Crusade and kicking it off with such a perfectly CAS card!