Monday, June 1, 2015

Birthday flowers

This blog was not given much love last week.  :(  It was more than a crazy week at work and I was so tired that I could not even get to my craft desk when I got home.

Even though I had signed up for the online card class Maskerade I didn't get to watch the videos during the week.  Well, I did try watching one or two with my tablet before I went to bad but I couldn't resist the temptation to fall asleep within 20 seconds of that.  Glad that I can watch them any time and anywhere I like.

So this past weekend I was just catching up with the videos and trying to do some of the assignments.  Here's one using masking paper:

It was really a CAS of Debby's card except I used totally different materials.  It is an easy and fun technique and I look forward to using it again soon!

Thanks for stopping by!

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