Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Convention Recap Part IV

Welcome to the last part of the series of Convention Recap.  This part focuses on my last day at Convention.

This is also the part that is near and dear to my heart.  I have been thinking and planning the best way to share my memories but I decided, after consideration, that it is not necessary to polish anything because what actually happened was just beautiful.

Since the beginning of the Convention, I have been asking around when Jeanette Lynton would appear.  I have watched countless CTMH videos featuring her, and have read numerous blog posts on her blog.  It would be nice to see her in person, even at a distance, right?  I was looking forward to seeing her at the opening but she wasn't there.   When I learned that she would appear at the general session, I was on Cloud 9! 

She looked great on stage:

Chief Communications Officer Monica was with her while she was on stage:

You can tell from this photo that every one of us was excited to see Jeanette. 
I heard that her health issues prevented her from actively participating on stage.  Yet she was brave and strong to be there and share her wisdom with us.

No kidding.  I took far more notes in this session than any other session in the entire Convention.  She wasn't giving a speech but I kept on jotting down what she said.  I felt her sincerity, warmth and kindness and I can't even explain how she truly touched my heart.  She shared that her perspective has changed since she has been facing her health challenges.  She became more empathetic, patient, forgiving and strong because she felt that she could let Him guide her and feel closer to Him.  She was proud of becoming more patient.  She even encouraged us to acquire this virtue by telling us that it will be the greatest gift we can give ourselves.

Three lucky consultants won the prize to meet with her one on one.  The consultants were nervous but Jeanette calmed them down.  They were actually all nervous:  consultants didn't know what proper conversation to be had with Jeanette while Jeanette worried that her health might not let her stay with them for long.  Jeanette shared her experience with all of us and said that real love is not to be afraid of showing vulnerability.  We all have some sort of weakness but if we are not afraid of sharing that with others, the barrier between us is immediately gone. 

She continued to encourage us to touch others' hearts and change others' lives.  How nice and kind of her to say that everyone at Close to My Heart was a special person.  She said that we all love to connect with others, give joy to friends and family and help others achieve their goals.  I am not sure if I  possess all these virtues but I agree that connection with others is magical and who doesn't love that magic? 

Jeanette also shared her vision for Close to My Heart and how she struggled with work life balance.  Her priority was her family and taking care of the kids.  She suggested bringing a crib to the office.  She then shared with us the latest stories of her grandchildren and how they made her laugh.  The pictures and videos she shared cracked us up.

It was a beautiful meeting with Jeanette.  She has touched my heart and I hope that by sharing here you'll feel the same.

Towards the end of the Convention all CTMH staff members went on stage.  The applause for them never ended.  They put on a good show and we are all grateful for that:

After dinner (which for me was a snack because I am an owl) we went to the Closing Crop:

It was fun to work on our projects in upbeat music and dimmed night.  My very first "crop in a night club setting"!  The dance floor was open:

Did I mention that I found a sticky boy?  Another highlight of the event indeed:

This was my first Convention and I wanted to experience it all - Creativity Showcase, Layout Contest, getting my hands on a Sticky Boy, etc.  I had experienced all that I wanted and that just means I want to go to Convention again!  I think it's addicting. 

It was a wonderful event and I look forward to experiencing it all again soon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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