Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Just a few days left

I'm sorry I still haven't posted my Zoe layout yet.  It was done, and I'm very happy with it.  The problem is that I haven't got a chance to take a decent picture of it!  It was too dark after I get home from work.  I tried taking a picture in the morning, but the overcast has not been helpful!  :( I actually took a picture using indoor lighting but the glare was not acceptable.  The colors were also distorted.  In short, I wish I could take the layout with me to work and take a picture of it during lunch.  LOL.

But I do want to remind you that we are approaching the end of August, meaning many of the good deals will be going away soon.

My favorite is the Get Organized campaign where you buy a marker organizer and you'll receive a free stamp set for FREE:

Yes I've got this one and am in love with it!  This organizer is not limited to ShinHan markers.  If you use Copic markers, the loops will fit them too. I was told that the loops will also fit the Spectrum markers.  What a great organization tool!  I'm going to get a couple more of this lovely marker roll-up.

If you are like me who likes to organize the chaos on my craft desk, this accessory roll-up will lend you a hand:

I never know what to do with the opened packages of embellishments - enamel dots, sparkles, gems, sequins........They are just all over my craft desk.  If I'm in a good mood, I shovel all of them in a drawer then they become invisible to me and forgotten.  Next thing I know I will order the same thing again!  With this accessory roll-up, I don't have to worry about where to put those small embellishments anymore!  The best thing about them is the transparent pouch to compartmentalize each type of embellishments.  I'm a visual person and seeing my products is the key to using them.  I also like zipper closure - much more secure than a snap button and of course, no bulk!

Do you save your cricut cuts?  I do.  But again, I shovel them into a box and they are meant to be forgotten. I'm going to get an additional accessory roll-up to save my small cricut cuts, stars, hearts and such.

These organizers will continue to be available throughout the life of the new Annual Inspirations but now is the time to get them because of the perks.  If you buy the marker roll-up this month, you'll get a FREE stamp set; if you buy the accessory roll-up you'll receive two newest Base & Bling style sheets for free.

I must also remind you that the August Stamp of the Month will go away soon.  It's a gorgeous set with different shapes and sizes of labels.  Great for all sorts of paper crafts!

I promise I'll share the Zoe layout very soon.  Stay tuned!

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