Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Zoe scrapbook layout (soon)......

My sad little blog could use some attention.  I know, I really do know.

Recently I am working non-stop on a big project at work.  Our group will have a large-scale presentation next month and thus we are working on the contents of the presentation and all sorts of details.  The presentation will be recorded and so everything will have to be flawless.  How stressful is that!

To relieve stress I'd like to hide in my craft corner but this presentation is really consuming me.  I have since taken on more and more responsibilities.  To be fair, those tasks were not anticipated and no one meant to throw more things at me.  In fact, my additional tasks may be fewer than those taken by others. :P

I must be working too hard, or it could be stress that led my right eye feel funny again.  After three painful surgeries last year I learned that this funny feeling is a sign that my body tells me that it needs rest.  So last night, I decided to take my eyes off my laptop screen and turned to my craft corner.

I started to work on a layout using the new paper pack Zoe from Close to My Heart.

I've the background pieces all cut an aligned.  Tonight I'll finish up with the fun embellishments!  When it's done I'll share on my blog here!

Want some great scrapbooking tips?  I've learned quite a few from Jeanette's blog here.  It describes the four basic design principles Pattern, Unity, Variety and Balance.  The explanation was detailed and easy to understand.  For me, I have always found layouts more challenging than cards.  Now that I got these tips I would pay attention to these design principles and improve the aesthetics of my layouts.  Again, you may want her blog post here.

Thanks for stopping by!

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